No time for lies and pride
Let me take you on a ride
Through my mind
It's divine
It's a mine
Dust it off and gold you'll find
Beware where you walk
You may find yourself in another space and time

make you feel light
want to be right
running like the energizer bunny
floating with the bees
providing you with honey
so sweet it will release all your fears
climbing up the hill
to better places and higher sights
overseeing beautiful expansions of horizons
letting my eyes sink in this show
of orange and pink hues
and a little dew
on the green grass tops of our growing crops
let it sink in
just sit
be still
let it in

Honey youʼre my rock
Inside crystals multiply
Spreading their crystal vibe in the world which we reside
Love it right
Make it a wonderful sight
Just like you
True and pure
My sweet delight
Youʼre voice sounds about right
A tune I need in my life
Your words and the vibe of em touch my heart and mind
Gives me a feeling from below to above
Shooting through me like a bullet from a gun

Iʼm all of this
and none

- Kelly Johansson